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Cafe Florencia – Named after a small town of in Costa Rica, this Latin American blend features a hint of hazelnut with chocolate and fragrant orange. Very mild acidity, full body, and a clean finish. A traditional Northern Italian blend.

Dark Sterling – Smoky and bold, our dark roasted Sterling blend brings out hints of sweet Indonesian spices and milk chocolate with a caramelized sweetness.

Silver Cup House – A balanced, rich and complex blend with caramel and chocolate undertones. A deep, medium roast, smooth enough for morning, bold enough to compliment dessert.

Moka Java – Moka Java is a lighter roast that tastes like rich, dark chocolate with hints of wild fruits (think blueberries), typical of coffees grown near the Red Sea region.

Queen City – Queen City is sweet and nutty with caramel and a hint of spice. A bold dark roast with a touch of smokey flavor and a lot of crèma!

Smuggler’s – Nutty and full bodied with a hint of cherry. A rugged South American blend with a kick from a handful of Robusta beans, in the Italian tradition. Excellent crèma!

Snoho Mojo – Our Roaster’s favorite blend, crafted with exotic African, South American, and Indonesian coffees, with hints of fruit while remaining bold and smoky. Full bodied, and velvety on the tongue, rich and spicy aftertaste.

Sterling – Sterling features hints of citrus, honey, and caramel with a medium, tangy body. A perfectly balanced morning coffee, great for drip or espresso.

White Coffee – Strong and effective, this lightly roasted Espresso blend finishes with double the caffeine content. White Espresso is often described as having a strong nutty flavor and is praised for being less acidic.

Decaf House – Our house decaf is excellent for Espresso or Drip Coffee. It is made up of a mixture of beans to create a full bodied decaf.

Decaf Swiss Water Process – Swiss Water Decaf is a decaf blend which removes the caffeine by water only. Swiss Water is 100% chemical free decaffeination process for the conscientious consumer that still enjoys an exquisite coffee beverage.